Round of 16 Drawing Results Champions League 2009/10

1st Match: February 16, 2010; 2nd Match: March 10, 2010

AC Milan (Italy) vs Manchester United (England)

Olympique Lyonnais (France) vs Real Madrid (Spain)

1st Match: February 17, 2010; 2st Match: March 09, 2010

FC Porto (Portugal) vs Arsenal FC (England)

Bayern Munchen (Germany) vs ACF Fiorentina (Italy)

1st Match: February 23, 2010; 2nd Match: March 17, 2010

VfB Stuttgart (Germany) vs FC Barcelona (Spain)

Olympiakos Piraeus (Greece) vs Girondins Bordeaux (France)

1st Match: February 24, 2010; 2st Match: March 16, 2010

CSKA Moskva (Russia) vs Sevilla FC (Spain)

Internazionale Milan (Italy) vs Chelsea FC (England)

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