Song Lyrics: Tropical Forest - Rainbow

Tropical Forest - Orkes Music Reggae Malang
Tropical Forest - Rainbow

Artist: Tropical Forest
Title: Rainbow
Album: Orkes Music Reggae Malang
Year: 2010

You are the only thing that's precious in my live
You're like a blessing present given from above
My heart is warmer whenever you're around
Yes it is...yes it is...
I'm trully blessed to have you
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And how on earth I can live without your smile
Oh I'd be helpless if I lost you from my life
My world seems brighter whenever you're around
Yes it does...yes it does...
I'm trully blessed to have you

Season changes and time goes by
All I wanted is to see your smile

Like a rainbow whenever the rain stops
You have become the color of my life
Just like water flow down through the river
You're the reason
I can feel so alive

If there's a chance that you would go you're on way
I'd open up my arms and let you fly away

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  1. wah ini buat sendiri liriknya??
    keyen keyen..lanjutkan,like this ^_^

  2. @miss rinda..
    eh maksudnya saya yang nulis liriknya di blog..bukan yang buat liriknya.. :D

  3. kapan ya bisa panggil tropical buat next event ?


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