Customer Account BCA Burglarized

Disappearance of millions of customer funds in Bali BCA with piercing mode in Jakarta. Plot diotaki Russian people. Perpetrators who are a two-person finance and lending instruments used by perpetrators in Indonesia for action in Jakarta and Bali.

"Today the Russian people living in Toronto, Canada, and was in the range of 50 years," said Ruby Alamsyah, digital forensic analyst who accompanied the police investigating this case.

While the action of Indonesia in Jakarta and Bali, he added, just used to be his accomplice. "The Russian people who finance, blueprint, and provides dozens Skimmer tool (to steal the identity of the ATM card)," said Ruby told detikcom on Wednesday (20/1/2010).

Of the stolen data is then inserted into the ATM card bulging, to then be used to withdraw funds in some places.

Police itself when it had arrested an accomplice of the Russian people, amounting to 6 people. They act in Jakarta and now have handed the case to prosecutors.

While the case with the same mode that occurred in Bali a few days also allegedly happened with the case revealed in Jakarta in October 2009 and the.

"Because the mode and how to use the same work. They are both using the tools and camera Skimmer. These tools are loaned the Russian people," added Ruby.

Bank burglary case in Bali is full of mystery. In addition to BCA, a number of other bank customers, such as BNI and Bank Permata also burglarized. In fact, there are customers who claimed never transact through ATMs. However, the print is known to have break-through ATM account.


Know your ATM machines are used properly. If possible, use ATMs in the same location as often as possible so it will look if there is a change. Notice if there is something strange about the ATM machine such as scratches, stains, tape, glue and former matters more suspicious. If you find a change or anomaly in the ATM, report it to the Bank and the delay/do not do the transaction. Strive to access ATM's in bank or in a crowded location and light to minimize the risk. To use an ATM card outside (the place of shopping or restaurant) always look at what the officer on the card and ask if there is a strange behavior. If used while shopping, the card should only digesekkan on the official machine and cash register, ask the clerk if swiping the card to another device (especially if equipment is somewhere hidden behind the counter).

Source: DetikNews and Yahoo!News