Song Lyrics: Souljah - Jagoanku

Souljah - Mestakung
Souljah - Jagoanku

Artist: Souljah
Title: Jagoanku
Album: Mestakung
Year: 2009

Diam-diam ku menanti semua dengan tenang
Kesenangan kan datang dalam setiap kesabaran
Terus percaya...
lirik lagu on
Ada rahasia di balik semua kejadian
Tak ada sesuatu pun yang benar kebetulan
Terus percaya...

Berulang dihajar tak 'kan aku gemetar
Berulang ditinju ku 'kan terus melaju

Karna Jagoanku tak 'kan meninggalkanku
Bawaku lewati sakitku
Senangku tenangku damaiku
Kaulah Jagoanku


Since the very long time you are there mon guarding me
From the place that very far you there are watching me
I have a few words that I really wanted to say
Trying sing it to de world and they hear us and they could
No more reason for u to ignore what mi mon say
No more forget have a chat wit mi mon everyday
We just a stupid human being never believe what we’re seeing
Until a miracle come now u know what I am feeling
Everybody wish u received it wit a prayer
There is no word now I can really say ya
Your me guide if I really lost direction
Sometimes me forgot and having no attention
All me life that have change if u say so
U are me light wherever I go I will go
No more worries cause u there mon are watching me
So lucky to have your kindness eternity


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5. Jagoanku [Lyric]
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11. Abidin [Lyric]
12. Sudah Sudahlah [Lyric]



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