Song Lyrics: Samalona Reggae - Tree of Love

Samalona Reggae - Kaya Rasa
Samalona Reggae - Tree of Love

Artist: Samalona Reggae
Title: Tree of Love
Album: Kayarasa
Year: 2010

Mighty strong.. Tree of love
Never lead us astray
Beautiful.. Tree of love
Will guide and protect us away
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Man made laws don't
Teach right from wrong
Only there to control
They don't tell me
Where I belong
In a world gone so cold

So try and keep your head up and straight
In the rest of all staits (yeah!)
Don't be afraid my friend
Your soul let shine with no restraint

Got to keep on moving anyway
Can not rest where I stay
Babylon system we disobey
Money don't love no body

Time to plant.. Tree of love
All over the globe
That is what we think of
Strength, wisdom and hope...