Song Lyrics: Heavy Monster - One Message One Love

Heavy Monster
Heavy Monster - One Message One Love

Artist: Heavy Monster
Title: One Message One Love
Album: One Message One Love
Year: 2009

Today I wake up in the morning
Open my window feel the wind blow
I realize that really had to go
For my better day tomorrow
My momma said you don't worries son
Leave your problem left behind
Think positive on your mind
But still struggle in this line
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One message one love
One bullet one die
One bitter pills for the better later

Long time ago I made a big mistake
Then everything being goes wrong
I screw my mind and got damn so bored
Doin' nothing and just waitin' in vain
I try to walk as far as I can thru
Forget the past and get more wise
The pain will fade as the time goes by
And thats my father always said